Less is more. Skin care advice from a minimalist dermatologist. 


A Brief History

As a lifetime skin care and product junkie turned board-certified dermatologist, I started AEGMORA as a side project designed to address dermatologic questions posed by friends and family.  My main mission is simple: you don't need expensive products to have great skin.  

One of the great myths that sustains the beauty industry is that you need this cream or that eye serum.  I am here to dispel those myths, using evidence-based science and a little common sense. Every component of your skin care regimen should have a purpose and provide measurable value, in keeping with the minimalist philosophy.  Say it with me: LESS IS MORE.

 This is the approach I use everyday with the patients in my practice and I am resurrecting AEGMORA to help educate skin care junkies everywhere.  Read on for answers to burning dermatologic questions, general skin care myth-busting, unbiased product reviews (I buy all my products retail), and my take on the latest and greatest.